About John Martins

John Martins was born on August 30, 1986 in a small village in Portugal called Curia. Now he is living in Luxembourg. 
In January 2, 2006 was the day he opens his first company in the area of computers and telecommunications.
Few months later his twenty-second anniversary was already a five digits monthly earner.

In his 30s after a few years working with investments became a multiple seven digits yearly earner. 


Passion 1

Passionate about Formula 1. His team of course Ferrari.

Passion 2

Passionate about Rally. His team of course Citroën.

Passion 3

Passionate about MTB ( Mountain Bike). Every opportunity he has he is in the middle of nature inside dense forest with friends.

Passion 4

Passionate about soccer. His team F.C. Red Boys Aspelt Luxembourg